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Tape Store - Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Your Mom [JAM-019 TAPE]

Published June 27, 2005

New signee and former fifteen-year-old Chris Boeckmann's debut, showcasing a reappraisal and revitalization of music recording and structure. Soundscapes dubbed together from piano, synthesizers, rewinding CDs, found tapes, and spoken dialogue stare down 'pop' music and the politics of low-fi in this precocious ambient comedy palimpsest. Numbered run of 30 duped-over cassettes, original individual duct-tape packaging by Chris.

additional notes:
save the unlisted guitar intro, side B was recorded entirely live on the KCOU Live Hour, while his parents sat bemusedly in the news room. Chris's dad is city attorney Fred Boeckmann. Boeckmann is pronounced "Bockman". His mother bought him two very expensive guitars ($70 each) and paid for guitar lessons and doesn't understand why he can't write songs more like James Taylor or Cat Stevens. The first and so far only run of Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Your Mom was dubbed onto 30 second-hand tapes -- commercially released ones, like with music on them -- donated by Apop Records, using a hi-speed tape dubber rented from Crazy Music for $30 for one day. Artwork was created by Chris by making a large duct-tape collage, then cutting it into 30 cassette-sized rectangles. The packaging contains no external information about the tape contents. I generally burn off a CD of the music for people when they buy the tape, or suggest that they download it, so the option of clarity is available, as an aside from the dubbed-tape experience. Chris creates his audio entirely without computer software, though he does sometimes ask me to convert tapes of his to CD so he can record the sound of them rewinding onto a tape. In the tradition of Josh Johannspeter, Cooper Crain, Jon Westhoff, and other Columbia MO tastemakers, Chris has a speech impediment, which he puts at the forefront of many of his works.

Tape Store, as Chris and his friend Marcus Miller, performed at Ragtag at the end of June 2005, alongside the Marriage (Erik Moore), OBELISK (Stephen Howard), and MC Cat Genius. It's difficult for Chris to play shows as his parents are reluctant to let him do so, for fear he will start doing drugs. New Tape Store projects include: a 99-track collaboration with 14-year-old Casio composer and female Bob Dynamite; a Cat Jams podcast ("podcassette") series; and "Pancake Madness", a pseudo-documentary parody of "Reefer Madness" using stopmotion claymation, Mario Paint, Google Image Search, and VHS recordings of himself playing Nintendo 64 games.

Side A:
Unnecessary intro
The Lonely Life of a Spelling Bee Champion
The Ode To The Greatest Song of All Time
::decent music starts::
Norga Droon (Macy Gray in Background)
Look at Me Go (feat. OBELISK beat)
My First Political Song
Mentally Guitarded
Go Fat Guys (feat. Chris Farley)
Happy Birthday Jessica

Side B: (live on Live Hour, featuring some OBELISK beats)
Jeopardy! -- uses samples from the Nintendo 64 "Jeopardy!" game
At Least SomeoneÃÂs Excited About Terrible ILYs Covers (feat. Channing Kennedy) -- uses samples from the video of Chris's debut performance, as 'Castro Catastrophe', with three friends, at the 2005 Jefferson Junior High Battle of the Bands, at which they took fourth place out of four.
Annoying Voices
EverybodyÃÂs Free (To Hate ÃÂEverybodyÃÂs Free (To Wear Sunscreen)ÃÂ)
<3 & sole (cover)
Pick Up The Phone
Pick up lines
The Set Is Over, but Tape Store IsnÃÂt
The I Appreciate Yous

This is a Cat Jams Label release.

Run time 48:20


Reviewer: Tov H Rizzia - - May 17, 2006
Subject: Cool sounding
This is really great sounding stuff. Reminds me of the stuff I used to do over prerecorded tapes. I wish I had kept them.
This recording brings back a lot of neat memories and I am thankful for that.
Just beautiful!